As per traditional beauty standards, an almond eye shape is known to be the most beautiful eye shape. Highly versatile, almond eyes are the most symmetrical of all the eye shapes. Almond shaped eyes are slightly on the ends and are comparatively wider in the center but not too much compared to round eyes.

Make the centre space between the brows slightly wider; the height of the arch should be in line with the lateral edge of the iris. For close-set eyes, we want to make it appear as though your eyes are wider apart than they are, to balance out your face.

Rounder eyes have a larger distance between the upper and lower lids. Hence, it is important to elongate and balance out this large distance.


Make the centre space between the eyes narrower; the height of the arch should be in line with the pupil, or slightly towards the medial edge of the iris. For wideset eyes, your eyebrows will need to start a bit further in. This will make them appear closer together and reduce the width between them, making it appear less obvious. Also, use the photo as a guide for where they should begin.

Down turned eyes have dropping outer corners as compared to the inner corners. Keep the arch high (to draw the attention away from the drooping lid) and the tail of the eyebrow should be tapering to a slightly higher angle.

These simple rules can be applied when looking at any face shape. Study your client’s features, and take into consideration face shape, eye shape and any ageing issues or corrective techniques needed. Discuss with your client their personal preference and plan your shape design from this information. As you know, the design (as with all the treatments) should be penciled on and agreed and photos should be taken prior to starting the tattooing. Be aware that fashion trends for thick or thin eyebrows change. It is normally recommended to follow the natural brow shape whenever possible and to make use of subtle corrective techniques when necessary.

As the name implies, Deep-set eyes are characterized by the eyes that are held back in the sockets. Generally known to be big, deep set eyes are easily overshadowed by the brow bone. This is mainly because they are deeper set in the skull which creates the illusion of prominent bone.