For the system that you are using see the supplementary manual provided. Trolley setup should ensure that the surface is wiped according to the approved H&S Guidelines. On the working trolley ONLY include disposable single-use consumables for micro-pigmentation, including tissues, wipes, and cotton buds (out of their box in preparation). 

Any other components of the treatment should be covered in disposable plastic sheeting or be stainless steel such as tweezers and scissors and be fully sterilizable, preferably sonically cleaned and then autoclaved. As a rule, keep your trolley clear of anything that you won’t need during the procedure. Creams and pigments including approved anesthetics can be decanted into disposable pigment cups prior to beginning the procedure. On the second tier of yourtrolley, you should have your consumables such as gloves, plastic covers, yellow bags and sharps bin, an approved spray cleaner and a small marvy jarto keep instruments clean and immersed in Barbicide or another equivalent sterilizing fluid. Remember before replacing any used tweezers or scissors in the Barbicide they should be thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed with an appropriate antibacterial cleanser and water.

  • Hands must be washed before and aftertreatment using antibacterial soap. Any cuts or abrasions on hands should be covered with sterile dressing. 
  • Any equipment meeting the skin should be sterile/sterilized before use 
  • Check all electrical safety precautions and machine settings follow manufacturer’s instructions e.g., Micropigmentation unit, Magnifying lamp etc. 
  • Working area must be prepared to meet all H&S legislation requirements 
  • PPE in place for client and therapist – gloves, mask and apron should be worn by therapist 
  • Couch protected with clean disinfected couch cover, covered with disposable body roll. 

Following the consultation and full explanation of the treatment procedure the client should be instructed with the following guidelines before treatment commences: 

  • Client will need to remove piercings if obstructing treatment site area 
  • Their hair will need to be covered with a disposable head cap 
  • The client should be positioned at the head of the treatment couch ensuring you have good access to the procedure area. 

Natural brow hair grows in different directions and is not always uniform. You must study different people’s eyebrows and notice how the direction of the hair growth differs massively even over only one brow. You should therefore always follow the natural direction of the hair growth of the brow and neaten up the shape for them to look as realistic but groomed as possible. 

In Summary: 

  • Eyebrow hairs have a thicker bulb, tapered tip and the shaft is slightly curved
  • Eyebrow hairs lay in different angles generally across the length of the brow
  • There are natural spaces between the brow hairs
  • The medial aspect of the brow is bolder and thicker in hair density and therefore more defined
  • The lateral aspect(tail)is tapered, and the density is sparse
  • At the medial aspect the first 3-4 rows of hairs lie at an 80-degree angle appearing to stand upright
  • From the medial aspect to the rise of the arch the hairs lay at a 35-45-degree angle
  • At the arch the hairs lay almost flat
  • At the lateral aspect(tail)the hairs lay at a slight downwards angle

Learning to draw perfectly symmetrical brows for all your microblading and Powder Effect clients is the most difficult part of the microblading process according to many technicians. Used by beauty professionals, designers, architects an engineer all over the world, including many greats like Leonardo da Vinci, the Golden Mean is a mathematical formula that helps you achieve the perfect pattern every single time! This mathematical formula is present in nature and in all things beautiful. For centuries, its perfect proportions have been considered aesthetically pleasing. Caliper includes four points that together fit the proportions of the Golden Mean formula. 

This simple, easy-to-use tool takes all the guesswork out of creating beautiful and proportional brows– and can be used to draw just about anything else wherever you need perfect proportions! The Caliper will help you find the best-shaped brows for each client as an individual, based on his or her one-of-a-kind facial features. All clients are unique, and it is up to us to give them a tailor-made brow makeover. Because the Caliper is so easy to use, you can test many looks on your client in a short amount of time. You can quickly adjust based on your expert knowledge or the client’s personal preferences using the Caliper. Before any pigment is placed into the skin, you and your clients will feel confident knowing that you achieved the ideal size and shape with the Caliper. 

Our eyebrow artists use the Caliper every single day when working with clients, but it doesn’t stop there. We also use it on our days off to practice drawing different brow shapes! We love practicing microblading and Powder Effect in our downtime. We are always striving to improve our techniques and learn new ones to cater to more clients’ wishes! 

When a technique is new to us, we try it for ourselves first on paper with pencil, then on artificial skin with professional tools. The Caliper helps us find the exact shapes we need in both instances! And it is there for us as we move on from paper and artificial skin to live models and clients. Simply put, we cannot do what we do with out this tool!