Basic of Microblading



Microblading is such a great business, we know you are going to love it! You only need to look around to see that it is one of the hottest beauty trends right now around the world -and not just for models and celebrities! More and more women are making PMU treatments a part of their lives.


It’s currently the hottest trend in the world of permanent makeup, but what is the history of Microblading and from where exactly did it originate? It may come as a surprise to hear that Microblading is not an invention at all, but rather an extension of ancient artisan techniques. Whilst opinions as to the definitive origins of this popular trade differ slightly, it is believed by many that Microblading as we know it today, whilst originating in Asia, derived from methods of manual hand tattooing techniques adopted as far back in history as the Ice Age, over 5,000 years ago.

In 1991 tattoos which had been produced by fine incisions made to the skin and pigmented with charcoal, were discovered on the famous ‘Ötzi’ Iceman in the Italian Alps. 

Microblading has come a long way since the days when vegetable dye was injected under the skin to form tattoos and has been adopted by many on a global scale, popularized by the talents of international artists and renowned trainers, whose years of experience, skills and knowledge are highly sought after by those who are new to the dynamic and exciting world of permanent make up. Due to the intricate nature of the technique, where a specially designed blade comprised of ultra-fine needles is used to implant cosmetic grade pigments into the skin, the artist can design volumized brows that enhance and compliment facial features, with understated subtlety, or if desired impactful on trend statement runway replicas.


Also known as Brow Embroidery, Feathering, Feather Touch Etching and Micro-Strokes, Microblading is an art which allows the design and crafting of simulated precision perfect hair strokes and subtle volumized coverage to existing brows, using fine deposits of cosmetic grade pigments which are manually implanted into the dermal layer (upper reticular layer) of the skin. 

In essence it’s a highly skilled manual process of cosmetic tattooing, which uses a specially designed handheld Microblade and uniquely engineered needles to create fine strokes which penetrate the skin. Cosmetic pigment is then implanted into the ultra-fine incisions, which has been colour matched to existing hairs. PMU artists can subtly transform brows into statement facial features using a selection of needles which collectively form a variety of shapes such as slopes and half circles (often referred to as ‘U’), which are natural looking to the eye and capture the elegance and bespoke precision of hand drawn penmanship through free flow motion. 

Microblading is a manual process which relies on artistry and hand pressure of the artist to control the depth of the strokes. In the past this discipline has been favored by PMU artists who believed that the process offered more control than popular machine procedures, resulting in the precise and consistent replication of hair strokes that blend seamlessly with hairs already present in the eyebrows. The method was embraced my many who favored hand held microblading over PMU devices, which historically struggled to cope with the bend load created by downward pressure and needle size variations, however it is important to note that with the introduction of Nano Needle Technology both variations are now able to offer the customer customized crisp strokes which can be implemented to fill in gaps occurring in natural brows, create fuller of more structured brows and reshape or add definition to existing eyebrows. 

Microblading however is still a very popular and sought-after treatment and makes an excellent introduction to Permanent Makeup. It can be used as a stand-alone procedure or to compliment a PMU device, however those undertaking a course in this discipline should always seek to develop their skills and knowledge through further training.

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