• Minor inflammation
  • Sticky residue on eyebrow hair
  • Dryness on and around the eyebrow and eyelids
  • Itchy eyes/surrounding skin


  • Gently cleanse the area and pat dry (do not use splash methods to clean the area)
  • Apply a thin layer of healing balm at least 3 times a day to the treatment area, apply with a cotton bud (use a separate bud for each brow)
  • Keep hair away from the treatment area
  • Some itching is expected, however, do not rub, or pick at the area as this can lead to infection, which in turn could affect the evenness of the finished result or could result in scarring.
  • If the client’s eyes display symptoms of conjunctivitis, they should visit a pharmacist or doctor for appropriate antibiotic eye cream
  • Do not participate in any other facial beauty treatments for 5 to 7 days, including wearing make-up directly on the brows for 3 days


  • No eyelash/brow beauty therapy procedures
  • No exposure to UV rays
  • No heat treatments
  • No direct exposure to water (chlorinated, salt, shower sprays)

Healing normally occurs over the 14-day period; however, this is only a general guideline and may take slightly longer with some clients. Some eyebrow hairs may be lost during the healing process, these are hairs that have already entered the catagen or telogen phase and are detached from the base of the follicle. Due to the inflammatory process, any disruption to the tissues causes the loose hairs to shed from the follicle a little sooner. The hairs will re-grow over the next few months.

The initial pigment color will be darker for the first 5-7 days, it will then lighten once the superficial epidermal cells have desquamated, and the client should be made aware of this. They could initially panic either because their brows appear to be darker than they had wanted, or after a few days, their brows could have faded to be much lighter than they had wanted. Also, there sometimes may be slight unevenness of color. This will be rectified during the follow-up treatment within 4-12 weeks (or 2 weeks for the acupuncture system).


Your client should be reminded that:

  • The sun will bleach the color out of the skin and a strong sunblock should be worn to avoid this happening
  • They will not be eligible as a blood donor for a year following the last date of their micro-pigmentation procedure
  • If they are planning a chemical peel, they should inform the PMU artist that they have had a micro-pigmentation enhancement

They should inform the relevant consultant if they need to undergo eye surgery or MRI scanning because the pigment, if mineral-based, will show up on the scan